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Gentle Therapy

Kids Bath Staple Kit

Kids Bath Staple Kit

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Gentle Therapy's Kids Bath Staples Kit – a limited edition trio designed to make bath time a joyous and nourishing experience for your little ones.

Each product in this kid-friendly trio is infused with our skin-first philosophy - oatmeal, ceramides and lipids ensuring the purest care for your child's delicate skin. Elevate their bath routine with the perfect blend of fun and nourishment.

Key Benefits

1. Soothing Oat Bath: Immerse your child in the calming embrace of our oat bath soaks, specially crafted to soothe sensitive skin and reduce irritation.

2. Hydrating Shower Mousse: Transform routine shower time into a playful adventure with our hydrating mousse, designed to cleanse gently and add a touch of moisture.

3. Everyday Body Moisturizer: Seal the bath-time ritual with our lightweight body moisturizer, dermatologist-recommended to keep their skin soft, supple, and lovingly moisturized.

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