TriProtect™ Foundation Ingredients

At the heart of our brand lies the cornerstone of our exclusive formula - TriProtect™. A consciously crafted blend: a quartet of soothing oat varieties to calm irritation, a 5-complex mix of essential ceramides for deep hydration and natural skin barrier restoration, and a luxurious infusion of rich lipids that nourish your skin with essential nutrients, ensuring lasting skin health.

Oatmeal Blend

  • 4 types of oat extracts - oil, oat water, powder form
  • Natural skin protectant
  • Immediate soothing effect and improves the quality of skin over time
  • Anti-Itch Properties, Ideal for Eczema-Prone and Dry Skin
  • Gentlest Cleanser without stripping the skin of essential moisture
  • Certified organic by both USDA and MOSA, ensuring the highest standards of organic quality

5 Essential Ceramide Complex

  • 5 types of ceramides
  • Helps to moisturise and strengthen skin barrier
  • Recognized as the most important ingredient for addressing eczema and sensitive skin concerns
  • The combination of Ceramide EOP, NP, and AS actively prevents atopic dermatitis (eczema) and supports the maintenance of a healthy skin membrane
  • Pioneering the skincare industry, our ceramide complex is the first of its kind, originating from Korea and setting new standards in ceramide formulations

Lipids | Fatty Acids

  • Boosts the skin's inherent capacity to lock in moisture, promoting long-lasting hydration.
  • Enriched with elevated fatty acids, effectively reducing dryness and alleviating itching for a more comfortable skin.
  • Functions as a robust protective barrier, shielding the skin from external irritants and stressors that can compromise skin health.
  • Infused with anti-inflammatory properties, provides effective relief by diminishing redness and soothing itching, contributing to overall skin comfort.